SportsEngine Registration: Rugby Colorado

Varsity High School Program Application



What does it take to become a varsity high school?

  1. Your club has the support of your school athletic director.
  2. Your school provides liability insurance for your registered players.
  3. Your school provides fields for practices and games                               

Quick facts about the Varsity High School Membership:

  1. The USA fee for this membership is only $250 for the entire team. This is not an individual USA membership. Players will not be registered with USA Rugby and would need to join separately if they want to play outside of their HS Varsity team.
  2. This membership does not include insurance of any kind.  Schools MUST cover their students, coaches and administrators as a part of this status.
  3. This membership is active only for the one designated high school rugby season. It applies to HS league matches, friendly matches, playoff’s and championships in this one season.  Any play outside that season does not fall under this membership and would require the individual players to register at their $30 per player rate.
  4. High school teams must reapply for USA Rugby varsity membership every year.
  5. Players will still need to individually register with Rugby Colorado and pay the Rugby Colorado fees.




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